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Major Problems With Public Education System April 3 [url=]Lars Eller Jersey[/url] , 2014 | Author: Gwen Lowe | Posted in Education

Fixing the problems with public education requires an evaluation of the root causes of its current state. The inequalities that exist at present have caused a social split that has defeated successive governments trying to solve the problem. Apparently, there are two systems defined by such issues as the location of a school. This is evidence of discrimination though it is indirect.

There is a clear difference between schools in wealthy areas and those in poorer districts. This has caused experts to suggest that students in these institutions use a different curriculum. This is a poor showing for a nation that aims to remain relevant and competitive at the global front. If graduating students cannot meet a basic threshold in terms of quality, national goals at the global arena are under threat.

Learning in schools situated in poorer districts is in crisis. Dropout rates are alarming with most of students being unable to complete high school. The confidence level of grandaunts from these schools is worrying with the diplomas awarded failing to satisfy in some aspects. This is an indication of lack of preparedness for higher learning or technical training at advanced level. Such performance in school will affect their output at work.

Availability of resources is a major problem for schools depending on their jurisdiction. Those in poorer districts have little access to resources while those in wealthier districts have more access. The effect is felt when one compares their facilities. This will trickle down to the quality of learning [url=]Jakub Vrana Jersey[/url] , motivation and results. It means that during graduation, candidates at the same level are beginning life at a different trajectory.

Efforts made by governments at state and federal level to close the resource gap are commendable. This is despite the fact that it has come too late since foundations have been laid. Finances are not the only issue that determines academic performance and quality. Motivation, surrounding and quality of teachers is a concern.

Establishing a positive learning culture helps institutions to maintain high performance. Institutions that have a history of a winning culture are better placed to continue with the trend. Affirmative action will take time to raise the motivation of students and assist them to develop a superior culture. Parents [url=]Evgeny Kuznetsov Capitals Jersey[/url] , surrounding community and the management must be willing to support improvement efforts.

Taking care of student welfare helps to fix some of the problems. Guaranteeing the mental, physical, social and emotional security of pupils and students will bring desired results. The psychology of class and race must not be allowed to percolate into learning. Such non-tangible issues have plagued learning for decades and are a regrettable drawback. Placing high expectations on all stake holders is necessary in restoring sanity.

The outcomes of education pursuit need to be redefined to escape the curse of focusing on academic grades. Cross cutting elements like collaborative skills [url=]T. J. Oshie Capitals Jersey[/url] , creativity and critical thinking should be adopted instead. There is an inclination towards quick fix solutions as opposed to systematic thinking and patience. This explains the perishable ideas that have defined administration of learning.

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