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Ganda Boys Performing at the Arts For Peace Awards october 16th 2016




The Ganda Boys


Performing at the awards Ceremonies on


October 16th at the Sabn Theatre


British Academy Award nominated musicians, the Ganda Boys, take on humanitarian work in Uganda.


Denis Mugagga and Daniel Sewagudde have been well-known Ugandan musicians, singers and songwriters for many years, first bursting onto the international African music scene with their big hit “Mdomo” during 2003.


Resident in the UK since 2001, Denis and Dan have gone on to contribute to many multi-media projects, working tirelessly on concert programmes across the African community diaspora, culminating in their collaboration on the award winning BBC-TV drama series, Moses Jones.  



ganda-boysThey not only appeared in the live band sequences on screen as performers, but they also contributed to the script development with series writer, Joe Penhall.


Denis and Dan went on to found the breakthrough African fusion group, the Ganda Boys, with fellow Ganda Foundation founder, director, and world music specialist, Craig Pruess.


Ever since registering with the UK Charities Commission, they have gained key in various sectors of society and governance.


They are currently in partnership with World Peace One to combine their music talents and humanitarian hearts for the global stage.






The Ganda Foundation was established during 2009 by Denis MugaggaCraig Pruess andDaniel Sewagudde of the GANDA BOYS music group to empower sustainable community development in Uganda. The Ganda Foundation (GF) is registered as a UK not-for-profit charitable organisation. 


It has been operational on the ground in the health and education sectors in Uganda since since its founding. The Foundation’s focus to date has been on specific interventions to deliver immediate people-centred benefits in the Buikwe District, including the Kawolo Hospital and the Lugazi Community Primary School, through the provision of targeted equipment and facilities investment.


The Ganda Foundation’s public profile in Uganda received a dynamic boost with a national fund-raising concert in Kampala in the presence of the Queen of Buganda, the Nnabagereka, Sylvia Nagginda in April 2013.


Read more: The GF, working in partnership with Asma Earth Tech (AET), has scoped an ambitious Water, Waste & Energy (WWE) Programme for Uganda, with a pilot project being implemented in the Buikwe District.


This programme of work has the support and Sponsorship of Central Government, cross Party Local Parliamentary MPs, the Kingdom of Buganda, and the District Council of Buikwe. 


The GF is now seeking to build on their existing Health and Education activities and the proposed WWE activities in Buikwe, to formalise a District-wide Empowered and Sustainable Community (ESC) Programme of work as a Model Community for Uganda.


The GF is also partnering with World Peace One (WP1), a US-based Charity and Foundation, on its Education and Communities Transformation focused activities, an area of particular expertise for WP1.  This expertise will be appropriately integrated into the GF’s ESC scope of work in Buikwe as the projects continue to be refined.


The project activities under the Sponsorship of the GF are supplemented by the musical creativity of The Ganda Boys, whose position in Ugandan creative and popular culture, provides a strong and visible platform for focusing on the GF’s people and community-centric development goals and project objectives.  


Daniel Sewagudde


Ganda Foundation

Head of Media and ICT

BA Honours Television Production

Member of The British Association of Journalists #007198

Post Production on Sky 182 (BEN)

Tel: +44 7703 698 144


Website: 1-blank-line-50x200

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KABI Budo International Federation



IMG_20141221_020801-300x300Intent and Object of KABI Budo International (Budo = Japanese Martial Arts and Combat Sports)  


The KABI Budo International is non-political and does not recognize the differences of race or religion.


It recognizes as Budo that which is Japanese original Martial Arts and the other Combat Sports with spirit of Budo.


KABI support and promote all Japanese and Oriental Martial Arts and Combat  Sports and does cooperate with national and international organisations, federations, unions and associations.



Dr.Dehnad-5a13c3c784cae298e727980a16c89206DrKeyvan DEHNAD - Soke Grand Master President Budo International Federation


Dr. Keyvan has been involved at every level of Martial Arts with experience and Training going back over 30 years.

He has a passion for the sport and working with kids, women and adults from all walks of life.



Dr. Keyvan's Awards of Distinction:


Munich hall of honour 23/4/2016 Dr Keyvan Dehnad GRANDMASTER OF THE YEAR 2016


Masters Hall of Fame JUN.6.2015 Dr Keyvan Dehnad Platinum Award HollyWood Californina


Munich hall of Honor 18/4/2015  Dr Keyvan Dehnad GRANDMASTER OF THE YEAR.2015,


Suisse Hall of Honour 20.Sep.2014  Dr Keyvan Dehnad GRANDMASTER OF THE YEAR Awarded by Mr Ueli Maurer President of Switzerland and Sport Minister


Masters Hall of Fame 1.Aug.2014  Dr Keyvan Dehnad Gold Life Achievement


Dr Keyvan Dehnad 9th Dan Jujitsu.2008 Masters Hall Of Fame Silver Life Achievement Award



kamiar-judo-f1c65a1471c0bbfa1910c21672224572DrKamiar Tarighi 5th Dan Judo

General Secretary

Budo International Federation


Together with Dr. Keyvan, Kamiar himself is a 5th Dan Judo expert.




Budo International & Art For Peace Awards


Budo International will be presenting the Awards for the Martial Arts Category on October 16th Arts For Peace awards at the Saban Theatre.


They will also be doing a Martial Arts Demonstration before announcing the Winner of the Martial Arts Awards.


Interested in More Information? Contact Dr Keyvan or Dr. Tarighi directly at the following contact details, they will be happy to speak with or meet with you in person.


KABI Budo International Federation

POBOX 1715 Beverly Hills CA 90210 USA Cell Phone: 8583567896












Want to enter the Queen of Asia Beauty Pageant??


Here's How



Press Release



Beverly Hills


June 27, 2016










************News Release************


June 27, 2016 (BEVERLY HILLS) - The City of Beverly Hills will soon be receiving a new presence in the form of a


collaborative effort including The Beverly Hills Academy of The Arts, Global Green USA, International Arts Association


and Arts 4 Peace Awards. These 4 bodies share a common vision of blending The Arts for the benefit of humanity


locally, nationally and internationally. All proceeds will benefit the nonprofit, Beverly Hills Creative Arts. Currently,


there are three events on October 16 to launch this joint effort. The event itself reaches out to the International


community which will have a hand in the judging of the award recipients.


The Press Conference will announce the proposed Star Parade to be held Oct. 16, 2016 commencing with the Star Parade


at 9:30 a.m. in front of Beverly Hills City Hall, 455 North Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and ending at 10:30 a.m.


at the Saban Theatre, 8440 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211 followed by an International Chefs brunch and


gathering and at 11:30 a.m. the World Premiere of the Peace for Profit film with Larry King.



Peace for Profit, produced by Leith Eaton, explores prosperity that is being wasted in areas of the world where conflict


and hatred prevail. The future plans for Peace for Profit is an ongoing television series after the documentary premiere


this evening.


Proceeding the premiere at 2:30 p.m., The Coronation Ceremony of the Queen of Asia Pacific will commence. The Queen


of Asia Pacific (QAP) beauty pageant aims to be the cultural bridge connecting the Asia Pacific with the world. The QAP


is one platform for culture that will parallel the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation’s initiative in economic interaction


and trade promotion in its 21-member economies and the world.


The QAP welcomes these countries and the rest of the world in its pageant to share their respective beauties, dance,


music and all other hues and variance highlighting their rich cultural heritage.


The QAP strongly believes that culture and economy should be bound and strengthened together in order to attain a


true and lasting peace, understanding, love and harmony all over the world. The pageant contestants have The Arts,


Peace and Global Healing as their common goal.




The contestant winners will be presented at this time.


The Queen of Asia Pacific and her escort will be presented as Mr. and Mrs. Arts4Peace at the evening event.


The evening portion presented by the International Arts Association for The Beverly Hills Academy of the Arts. The Red


Carpet will commence at the Saban Theatre 5:00 p.m. and Cocktail Reception 6:00 p.m. with The Beverly Hills Arts Gala


beginning at 7:00 p.m. and ending at 10:00 p.m. The dress code will be black tie, elegant evening attire.




The Arts 4 Peace Awards and the Renaissance International Award ceremonies will include celebrity presenters along


with performances. Global Green USA will assist in the awards focused on the environment in areas of leadership in the


sectors of corporate and entertainment. The categories of Arts 4 Peace Awards will include: Fine Arts, Cinematic Arts,


Music, Dance, Culinary Arts, Ms. Arts 4 Peace, Mr. Arts 4 Peace.




The category of the Renaissance International Award is for multi-talented individuals within The Arts with the first


recipient having been Kirk Douglas.



Prices include all events with premier seating starting at $500 (customized packages for individuals and corporations are


available). When purchasing tickets, please select which seated events at the Saban Theater you will be attending. Check-


in must be done between an hour and a minimum of 30 minutes in advance otherwise those seats will be filled.


The Press Conference will be held on:


June 30, 2016 to introduce the events at


11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. at 9400 S. Santa


Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210.


A number of V.I.P. dignitaries and celebrities will be present.


RSVP to or


About the Arts 4 Peace Awards



Arts 4 Peace Awards, founded by Beverly Hills, Philanthropist, Munni Irone, has been established to promote peace


through The Arts. Munni is a Transformational Advisor and she is bringing talented people together through The Arts in


categories that include Fine Arts, Cinematic, Music, Dance, and Culinary Arts competing both locally and from other


countries with a focus on promoting peace. She assisted in producing the Family Film Awards and the 1,000 Women


March in 2015.



About The Beverly Hills Academy of The Arts



Beverly Hills Academy of The Arts is focused on bringing Higher Education within The Arts to Beverly Hills


surrounding areas and to the Western United States. Our goal is to bring the highest level of education within The Arts.


As Juilliard has done in the Eastern United States, we believe that the Greater Los Angeles Area has many of the


most talented people in many different areas within The Arts and we plan on utilizing that talent in producing world


class higher education within The Arts. The School will include Fine Arts & Design, Cinematic, Music and Performing




About Global Green USA



Global Green USA is dedicated to helping the people, places, and the planet in need through catalytic projects,


transformative policy, and cutting-edge research. Global Green USA's signature programs include greening affordable


housing, schools, neighborhoods, and cities as well as rebuilding communities -- such as New Orleans and areas of New


York and New Jersey -- that have suffered from the impacts of climate change, sea level rise, and environmental


degradation. Global Green USA is the U.S. affiliate of Green Cross International, which was founded by President


Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993 to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future.




For more information,






and follow us @globalgreen




About International Arts Association



International Arts Association was founded by Artist, Leith Eaton in 2002 to promote all areas of The Arts and The


Artists. Leith has supported many Artists over the years and has had many events with sponsors as Louis Vuitton, Rolls


Royce, Christie's and Harry Winston Jewelers. The International Arts Association is in the initial stage of launching it's


new Global IT business and website. The IAA is connecting the dots around the globe 24/7 with Artists, Patrons,


Venues, Events, NonProfits, Training, Merchandising, and Consulting Services. The basic membership is at no charge to





Press Contact:

Leith Eaton 




Arts for Peace Awards 

Oct 16th, 2016


At The Historic 

“Saban Theatre”


Reserve Your Seats Now

Floor Seats First 5 Rows
Floor Seats Rows 6 thru 10
Balcony Seat First Front Row

The Event will be Broadcast Online and Televised Globally on Iastra TV

saban11The Saban Theatre has been both a significant cultural and architectural landmark for Los Angeles and Beverly Hills since its opening as the Fox Wilshire Theatre on September 19, 1930. It was originally designed with 2500 seats by noted theatre architect S. Charles Lee to be a major film presentation house, even including a stage for Vaudeville acts before the films.

Over its 85-year history, the Saban has been the site of numerous film premieres, exclusive first-run film engagements, live concerts and touring Broadway shows. Despite several renovations, the interior remains mostly intact with its columned two-story rotunda lobby, spacious orchestra and balcony level seating for 2,000, and its silver, gold and black proscenium and organ screens. The connection with architect S. Charles Lee, a long-time resident of the city of Beverly Hills, makes the Saban significant also as an example of Lees transition from the French Regency style of the Tower Theatre and other Los Angeles Theatres to the nascent Art Deco style that would come to dominate movie palace architecture in the 1930s.

saban7The Saban Theatre opened as the Fox Wilshire Theatre and for several decades was one of 20th Century Fox’s premiere theaters, serving as a movie palace until a 1981 renovation converted it into a stage venue. It was operated by the Nederlander Organization from 1981 to 1989. It is now regularly used as a live performance venue for comedy, music, television, film shoots, screenings, and community intercultural events such as PaleyFest.?Temple of the Arts has owned and operated the theatre since 2005.



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