Who's The Next Picasso TV Series 2 Full Seasons



Category Productions
Target amount 25000
Current amount 1270
Ending date Oct 20

Project description

Who's The Next Picasso

Ongoing Episodes 12 Elimination Rounds

Final Round Filmed Live From Las Vegas


Who's the Next Picasso will find inner-city youths who are known as "Taggers" or Graffiti Artists and put them in a Head to Head Competition on International TV in a "so you think you can dance" type of setting where the Judges (Celebrity Artists) will be commenting on style technique, impression and finally voting who the Episodes Winner shall be to advance to the next Round.


Contestants shall play to win cash, prizes, endorsements and international recognition for their Art Works and talent.


The Largest Donor to each Episode will get the Episodes Winning Art Work to keep for themselves, so contribute large to this TV Series with a Helping Hand to young struggling Talented Artists.


Click the Donate Button and give big to help inner city youths.


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