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Rs gold was almost like a collaborative strategy

"Rs gold was almost like a collaborative strategy," says community director"Mod Ayiza." "It's a much more favorable position to be in than everyone just complaining and shouting. We had been fortunate. Sure, there were a few memes here and there, and they were pretty good. But what the memes brought, that was so good about this example, was real individuals who really wanted to put together good layouts. And as much as there were memes, the good ideas that people liked were not overshadowed." Legend_Arts posted his hybrid on April 9. The same day, West selected some player-made concepts to use. Two days afterwards, he staged the process of turning the most well-known ones into in-game models. Two days after that, he shared a few variations full with polls to once again let players shape the armor. And he wasn't just spitballing. This is the armor coming in the Theatre of Blood. Players supplied the alloy, and Jagex is hammering it into shape. "What I worked on a week is going to be the very first design the players enjoyed," West says. "The Gothic design turned blue was a little behind the player-suggested design. But at that point I would already set out to create both, so what I'm gonna do is create another set in-game and we will have a formal poll so that they can finally choose which one they need. I do not really mind that one wins. I enjoy the one players suggested." Yes.This is this!!

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