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KABI Budo International Federation


Intent and Object of KABI Budo International (Budo = Japanese Martial Arts and Combat Sports)  

The KABI Budo International is non-political and does not recognize the differences of race or religion.

It recognizes as Budo that which is Japanese original Martial Arts and the other Combat Sports with spirit of Budo.

KABI support and promote all Japanese and Oriental Martial Arts and Combat  Sports and does cooperate with national and international organisations, federations, unions and associations.

DrKeyvan DEHNAD - Soke Grand Master PresidentBudo International Federation

Dr. Keyvan has been involved at every level of Martial Arts with experience and Training going back over 30 years.

He has a passion for the sport and working with kids, women and adults from all walks of life.


Dr. Keyvan's Awards of Distinction:


Munich hall of honour 23/4/2016
Dr Keyvan Dehnad

Masters Hall of Fame JUN.6.2015
Dr Keyvan Dehnad Platinum Award
HollyWood Californina

Munich hall of Honor 18/4/2015 
Dr Keyvan Dehnad

Suisse Hall of Honour 20.Sep.2014 
Dr Keyvan Dehnad
GRANDMASTER OF THE YEAR Awarded by Mr Ueli Maurer President of Switzerland and Sport Minister

Masters Hall of Fame 1.Aug.2014 
Dr Keyvan Dehnad Gold Life Achievement

Dr Keyvan Dehnad 9th Dan Jujitsu.2008
Masters Hall Of Fame Silver Life Achievement Award



DrKamiar Tarighi 5th Dan Judo
General Secretary
Budo International Federation


Together with Dr. Keyvan, Kamiar himself is a 5th Dan Judo expert.


Budo International & Art For Peace Awards

 Budo International will be presenting the Awards for the Martial Arts Category on October 16th Arts For Peace awards at the Saban Theatre.  

They will also be doing a Martial Arts Demonstration before announcing the Winner of the Martial Arts Awards.

Interested in More Information?

Contact Dr Keyvan or Dr. Tarighi directly at the following contact details, they will be happy to speak with or meet with you in person.


KABI Budo International Federation

POBOX 1715
Beverly Hills CA 90210 USA

Cell Phone: 8583567896






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